Saturday, April 7, 2007

Affordable daycare is a myth

We aren't happy with our daycare, its no secret. I don't feel they are learning as much as they should/could be and the addition of televisions in each classroom doesn't help. Nothing like getting a daily update sheet for my 2 year old and seeing "We spent time with our friend Elmo today" and knowing it was a DVD. Great. The daycare we have is very close to home and a price we can accept, almost. We have begun looking for a new daycare and the prices are unreal. We are thinking of one of us getting a part time job so we can afford for someone to watch the kids while we work. Does that sentance even make any sense?? There are plenty of daycare/preschools in the area but most have a religous agenda. We live in a area that is half Jewish so I am pretty sure we are SOL on those.
I am beginning to feel like if you are working mom, you are punished for sending your kids to daycare/preschool.....

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